What are the Other Most Effective Marketing Strategies ?

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Small-scale industries play an important role in the country's industrial production. They make a wide range of products, from conventional to high-tech. Despite the fact that small-scale industries produce a huge number of goods, product quality, productivity, energy, and environmental challenges have always been a concern. These worries have grown as the economy has opened up, emphasizing the importance of productivity and quality in the survival of small-scale industries. The plan is applicable to any cluster of industries where the units of the cluster have a common method of production, quality control and testing, energy conservation, pollution control, and so on. The programme attempts to meet the cluster's modernization and technology requirements. It includes a wide range of topics such as technological advancement, increased productivity, energy saving, pollution control, product diversification, marketing, and training requirements, among others.

Scope of the Scheme

The programme is only for a certain industry cluster.

Conduct technology status and needs assessments for identified clusters.

On the basis of these status and needs studies, hunt for and select appropriate technologies and their providers.

If contract/need-based research is required, the available technology will be adapted to the unique demand of the end customers.

To make technology demonstration easier and more appealing to small business target groups.

To encourage and facilitate the transfer of technology from its creator to the end user.

To encourage the use and spread of the identified technology within the cluster of small businesses.

1) Tender Marketing

On behalf of small-scale entities, the Corporation participates in bulk global tender inquiries and local tenders of the Central and State Governments and Public Sector Enterprises. Its goal is to help small businesses that have ability to produce high-quality products but lack brand equity and credibility or have limited finance resources. The Corporation has identified a considerable number of items for which it actively engages in tenders conducted by these Departments and Enterprises under this system. When the order arrive, the Corporation distributes them to the units on whose behalf it has quoted.

2) Marketing Mix

An entrepreneur must establish an adequate marketing mix in order to appeal to the needs of a specific market niche. The marketing mix is a balanced and systematic mixture of the four elements that make up a company's marketing system: product, price structure, promotional activities, and place or distribution system. These are commonly referred to as the "Four P's" of marketing. Demand may be influenced by combining these four elements in the right way. The challenge for small businesses is that they don't always believe they can manage each of the four variables needed to impact demand.

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