What is marketing ?

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Marketing may be a social arrangement that permits buyers and sellers to get information and perform a voluntary exchange of products or services. The word "market" may ask the situation where goods are traded, sometimes referred to as a marketplace, or to a street market. Markets generally believe price adjustments supply information to parties engaging during a transaction, so that each may accurately gauge the next change of their welfare.

In less sophisticated markets, such as barter markets, when the price of an honest or service draws precisely the maximum amount of demand that the market can currently offer, markets are efficient. A market economy is an economic system in which goods and services are exchanged through market functions. Nowadays, the world economy is increasingly defined as a service economy. This is primarily due to the growing prominence and proportion of the service sector in most developed and developing economies. Indeed the growth of the service sector has long been regarded as a sign of a country's economic prosperity.

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